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snippet - Masterpdf 4 for Arch Linux
18 Oct, 2018
Use this content to replace PKGBUILD. Also you can freeze masterpdfeditor after installing this older version. This package can be found from the AUR git as well.
written tutorial - ArchLinux: Install older package from AUR
21 Sep, 2017
It is actually really simple. If you downgrade packages in ArchLinux you can use "downgrader" for official repositories, but for AUR packages you need to do it manually. The problem I had is that I...
snippet - grive: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
16 Jan, 2017
Grive is built when you download it in ArchLinux. When boost package has had new versions. You need to rebuild Grive, so an easy re-download is required.
snippet - ERROR: Pacman lock file was found or endlessly is running message.
9 Feb, 2015
I was able to lock Pacman up so I was not able to do anything that involved it. There were to different errors that appeared "ERROR: Pacman lock file was found. Cannot run while pacman is running."...
written tutorial - Arch Linux Gnome
8 Aug, 2014
This tutorials shows you how to install Gnome after installing plain Arch Linux.
written tutorial - Arch Linux KDE
1 Aug, 2014
This tutorials shows you how to install KDE after installing plain Arch Linux.
written tutorial - Install Arch Linux from USB to multiple partitions
4 Jun, 2014
This step by step guide shows how to install Arch Linux from USB flash drive or cd. In my opinion the beginner tutorial from Arch wiki is too complicated for beginners. This is made simple and very...
snippet - Install Wine 1.6.2 - Debian Weezy
22 Feb, 2014
Debian Weezy comes with wine 1.4.1, which is really old. If you want wine 1.6.2 you need all kinds of newer packages. We also don't want to compile wine ourselves. So the solution it to add testing...
written tutorial - Install Sublime Text 2 on Debian 7 (wheezy)
12 Dec, 2013
This tutorial shows you how to install Sublime on Debian. With small tweaking you can use this to install it on any Debian based operating system.
snippet - Wireshark: No Interfaces found on Linux
28 Oct, 2013
If you install it from software center then Wireshark doesn't find any interfaces by default. Wireshark has to have sufficient rights to use a network card to capture data. This will work on any...
written tutorial - Installing Aptana 3 on Ubuntu
17 Jan, 2012
Installing Aptana 3 on Ubuntu. Basically you have to extract it and then create necessary shortcuts etc...
written tutorial - Install Ubuntu or Any Linux From USB
18 Oct, 2010
This tutorial shows how you can put Ubuntu or any Linux distribution on your USB stick, so you could boot it and install it.