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snippet - PHP: http request function, alternative to curl or file_get_contents
12 Mar, 2018
Handles any HTTP request correctly. This is a flexible and powerful HTTP client implementation of GET, POST, PUT or any other HTTP requests. The reason I built this was due to use of url arguments...
snippet - PHP: First x characters of a string
2 Nov, 2017
Get first n amount of characters from a string. You could use substr for that, but you will get empty results when there are special characters. Thus multibyte string method is the right way to go.
snippet - PHP: Instagram to RSS feed
2 Aug, 2017
Instagram gives out json feed. You can use this little php snippet to create rss feed from the given json. The script leverages paging, which enables you to control the items count in the output feed.
snippet - PHP: Encode Url for Curl
23 May, 2017
This snippet encodes urls for curl. If you use special letters like äõöü in url, then you get a bit different url parsing from browsers than curl in PHP. You would think that you could use php's own...
snippet - PHP: Fix url query parameters starting with
19 May, 2017
Snippet shows you how to fix url query parameters starting with "...
snippet - PHP: Check url for valid response code 200
9 Jan, 2017
Check the HTTP Status Code of the website header using PHP. Check that url is giving valid response code of 2xx. You can modify this for different purposes. For detecting 404 not found only or...
snippet - Soap request with NTLM authentication
6 Dec, 2016
Doing private Soap reqests requires some kind of authentication. One of the most common ways is to use NTML authentication. PHP soap does not support this out of the box it. You can use this tftdias...
snippet - PHP: Download large file from url without loading it to memory
5 Dec, 2016
This snippet shows you how to download a file from url without loading it to memory. When you use file_get_contents() and file_set_contents() you load the content to memory and then to file. The...
snippet - Filename from path in PHP
22 Nov, 2016
Snippet shows you how to get filename from a path in PHP. Filename and extension separately. Can be used for extending filenames with timestamp or anything.
snippet - Select a random file from directory in PHP
22 Nov, 2016
Select a random file from directory. This can be useful if you want to display a random image on your website. For an example a background image randomly from a directory in your files.