15 July 2010

Tutorial about global variables in PHP. How to use global, superglobal in PHP.

Global variables can be used with pre defining or without. I like predefining, witch is faster and you get a nice view of your variables. Use supergobals carefully because they can cause harm, ruin you html or wipe out whole MySQL database.

Global Variables:

Globals work in a file, but not all around the project. For all around project you want to use superglobals.
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  1. // $x is a global variable, $y is a defined global variable
  2. global $x;
  3. $y = 'var1';
  4. $x = 'var2';
  6. function example_func() {
  7. //global variable
  8. global $z;
  9. $z = 'test';
  10. //static variable
  11. $static_var1 = 'static';
  12. //defined static variable, it's faster when you define the variables
  13. static $static_var2;
  14. $static_var2 = 'static';
  16. echo $x.' and '.$y; //you can see both of these
  17. }
  19. example_func();
  20. echo $z; //you can see "test"
  21. //these statics are invisible or cause errors.
  22. echo $static_var1.$static_var2;
Programming Language: PHP

Superglobal variables:

Superglobals can be used absolutely anywhere in code.

Variables witch are set by the web server.

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  1. //This line prints your computers IP address
  2. echo $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];
Programming Language: PHP

An array of variables passed to the current script via the URL parameters. In single quotes you can put form or url variable names. This data can be unsafe if not properly handled.

Variables provided via HTTP POST method. You can get form parameters by name if method is set to post. You can also send form data by using AJAX. Tutorial: CodeIgniter AJAX form submission.

Using this superglobal you can get variables from cookies. When making shop cart for an example.

If you send files trough forms using post method then you can catch them using this superglobal.

Variables provided by the GET, POST, and COOKIE superglobals, they come from client and which therefore cannot be trusted.

Contains a reference to every variable which is currently available within the global scope of the script.