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17 Feb, 2018
The problem is how you can block channels to protect your child on the phone, ps4 or computer. Most YouTube channel blocking guides include some kind of extensions or plainly say it's not possible....
sony not a valid e-mail address
3 Nov, 2016
Basically one evening when I turned on my PS4, it told me that I am signed out of PlayStation Network (PSN). I tried to login but nothing. Then I thought I forgot my password, tried to recover it and...
Tags: gaming
git logo
2 May, 2016
The embedded args argv-array in the child process is used to build the command line to run pack-objects instead of using a separate array of strings. Bunch of tests on "git clone" has been...
Tags: git, upgrades
13 Apr, 2016
Marketing online is not just about SEO tips that you might want to look into. It does not matter if it's a business, blog or any other online environment to get more traffic you have to consider some...
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xdebug logo
27 Jan, 2016
This is the fourth and hopefully last release candidate of the 2.4 series. The 2.4 series adds support for PHP 7 and is in large parts a rewrite of the earlier code base to support PHP 5.4 through...
Tags: upgrades
Whirlpool AWO 9765 washing machine
20 Jan, 2016
Since it was very difficult to find user manual for my used Whirlpool AWO 9765, I thought to re-post it. Download: Whirlpool AWO 9765 user manual
Tags: user manual
Nautilus icon
22 Dec, 2015
Fix crash on copying directory - Bug 759608 - "assertion failed" after finishing of copy directory
Tags: upgrades
filezilla logo (3.14.1)
21 Oct, 2015
New features For third-party builds, add configure flag to allow using system ciphers for FTP over TLS. Display a warning if an insecure cipher is negotiated as result of using system ciphers....
Tags: upgrades
eye patch
26 Sep, 2015
My baby put his finger in mother's eye during feeding at night. In the morning the eye was hurting and even more when moving it. So we thought what should we do. Should we go to the emergency room...
Tags: baby
1 Jun, 2015
Features: Language change option to Preferences. When applying a theme, users can choose from overriding all custom styles in the target map or keeping them. Improve export experiences. Add...
Tags: upgrades