26 September 2015
eye patch

My baby put his finger in mother's eye during feeding at night. In the morning the eye was hurting and even more when moving it.

So we thought what should we do. Should we go to the emergency room or not. So we called to "family doctor's advice", there is a service in Estonia that is called by that name, the number here is 1220. They told us, when the eye is hurting and there is water coming from it, go to the emergency.

We went to the emergency room. There were two people before us, so we had to wait 20-30 minutes. Lucily baby slept through the whole thing, so mother could just concentrate on her visitation of the emergency room. The doctor looked at it and said that there is a scratch on the iris. Put pain killing drops in the eye and sent us away.

Two extra things. Mother asked if she could get an eye patch, applying pressure alleviated the pain. Later when we went to buy prescription based anti-infection ointment for the eye, we wondered if we could get some pain alleviating eye drops, but they were on prescription based as well.

All in all we should have asked for the pain alleviating eye drops, the whole thing went to cost us a bit over 10 euros and we found out what damage was done to the eye. Totally worth it!