snippet - Dividing Symbol Values in PineScript
29 Jun, 2022
Snippet showing how to do division in PineScript. First I import close data from security, then divide the values by 1000 and print it out as a line on the chart. You can change the formula or use...
snippet - Remove orphaned packages Arch Linux
24 Jun, 2022
Remove orphaned packages in Arch Linux. When you install a package, you get it with dependencies. When you remove the package, dependencies stay there. So you can use this command to remove all...
snippet - Wifi through terminal in Arch Linux
24 Jun, 2022
Simple guide how to turn on wifi in command line. If you don't have the packages and can only connect through wifi you need to use the bootable usb. This is how you can make it work on your installed...
snippet - TypeScript: Error when loading image (png)
18 Jun, 2022
In react you can import image and use it in JSX, so that the compiler knows to load the asset. Apparently by default TypeScript doesn't support image files to be loaded. So you have to add new...
snippet - Show Logo image on AppBar in Material UI
18 Jun, 2022
Most sites or apps show a logo on the left corner of the screen. In Material ui there is AppBar component. The official examples don't have this snippet. Link to the official documentation: https://...
snippet - Install Preact
12 Jun, 2022
Installing Preact two ways shown. At first the official way did not work for me. I had to fix permissions for the global node modules, official solution. Then the alternative way worked, and after...
snippet - Open eml files in Linux
26 May, 2022
MPack will extract eml container file into txt and attachments separately. MPack is a C implementation of an encoder and decoder for the MessagePack serialization format. -f Force overwriting of...
written tutorial - Fix: Linux usb wifi adapter not working
17 May, 2022
This guide shows how to fix any usb wifi adapter if it's not working automatically. In my case I bought TP-Link Archer T2U PLUS, but it doesn't matter which one you buy. What matters is the chip...
snippet - PHP - str_replace() all variations
14 May, 2022
Collection of all variants of str_replace function like functionality. Examples providing all kinds of solutions for your needs. From simple string replacement to regular expressions.
snippet - PHP: Zendesk api attach file to ticket
19 Apr, 2022
You can't directly add a file to a ticket, but y can upload a file and attach it to a ticket comment. The attachment appears in the ticket comment. You can only attach the uploaded file to a ticket...