snippet - Open eml files in Linux
26 May, 2022
MPack will extract eml container file into txt and attachments separately. MPack is a C implementation of an encoder and decoder for the MessagePack serialization format. -f Force overwriting of...
written tutorial - Fix: Linux usb wifi adapter not working
17 May, 2022
This guide shows how to fix any usb wifi adapter if it's not working automatically. In my case I bought TP-Link Archer T2U PLUS, but it doesn't matter which one you buy. What matters is the chip...
snippet - PHP - str_replace() all variations
14 May, 2022
Collection of all variants of str_replace function like functionality. Examples providing all kinds of solutions for your needs. From simple string replacement to regular expressions.
snippet - PHP: Zendesk api attach file to ticket
19 Apr, 2022
You can't directly add a file to a ticket, but y can upload a file and attach it to a ticket comment. The attachment appears in the ticket comment. You can only attach the uploaded file to a ticket...
snippet - MQL5: Use timeframes selection as input
29 Mar, 2022
This snippet shows how to use timeframes as input field. For that you just have to use the ENUM_TIMEFRAMES. It contains all of the predefined timeframes. This way you can use multiple times in a...
snippet - PHP: OneSky api get translations
21 Dec, 2021
Example where we download via api and parse translations. In multiple language export there is only one format "I18NEXT_MULTILINGUAL_JSON". That format does cut phrase ids using "." as a separator....
snippet - AceButton levels for LadderButtonConfig
16 Dec, 2021
Using multiple buttons on a single pin is possible. There are modules for that. Also there is a great library called AceButton to make the button click easily readable. The library needs you to set...
snippet - Arduino: white boxes on line 1 and 3, LCD 20x4
15 Dec, 2021
An error where 2 lines out of 4 are having a white background. There is an easy solution for having this problem where 1 and 3 lines are showing white blocks. The lcd is actually 2 lines of 40...
snippet - PHP: Imagick rotate and merge
1 Dec, 2021
Rotate and merge image using data from css transform. In this code example the input data comes from javascript where visually image is rotated using css transform property. CSS transform and Imagick...
snippet - PHP: Imagick resize / scale image
1 Dec, 2021
Change the size of an image by resize or scale an image. The resizeImage method is an inbuilt function in PHP which is used to scale an image to the desired dimensions.