snippet - PHP: OneSky api get translations
21 Dec, 2021
Example where we download via api and parse translations. In multiple language export there is only one format "I18NEXT_MULTILINGUAL_JSON". That format does cut phrase ids using "." as a separator....
snippet - AceButton levels for LadderButtonConfig
16 Dec, 2021
Using multiple buttons on a single pin is possible. There are modules for that. Also there is a great library called AceButton to make the button click easily readable. The library needs you to set...
snippet - Arduino: white boxes on line 1 and 3, LCD 20x4
15 Dec, 2021
An error where 2 lines out of 4 are having a white background. There is an easy solution for having this problem where 1 and 3 lines are showing white blocks. The lcd is actually 2 lines of 40...
snippet - PHP: Imagick rotate and merge
1 Dec, 2021
Rotate and merge image using data from css transform. In this code example the input data comes from javascript where visually image is rotated using css transform property. CSS transform and Imagick...
snippet - PHP: Imagick resize / scale image
1 Dec, 2021
Change the size of an image by resize or scale an image. The resizeImage method is an inbuilt function in PHP which is used to scale an image to the desired dimensions.
snippet - PHP: Imagick transparent background
30 Nov, 2021
In order to work with transparent images, you have to define image as transparent. Do that immediately after creating an instance, by setting the object's default background color with...
snippet - PHP: Imagick read image files from URL
24 Nov, 2021
The code example shows how to read an image from url to Imagick. Imagick doesn't take in url directly, but it has a method for reading file as binary content. So we just need to get the content form...
snippet - MQL5: Action at new candle
5 Oct, 2021
Do work only at the time of the birth of a new candle.
snippet - MQL5: Get current spread
4 Oct, 2021
This snippet shows how to get current spread as points. If you want it in price then you have to multiply it with point size or get ask and bid difference.
snippet - MQL5: Get current bid/ask price
4 Oct, 2021
This snippet shows how to get current bid and ask price. Two prices are there for buy and sell pricing and the difference of those is your spread.