snippet - Move tables to another schema in Postgres
26 Nov, 2020
This form moves the table into another schema. Associated indexes, constraints, and sequences owned by table columns are moved as well.
schema - Arduino: Turn Relay On and Off with Push Button
12 Sep, 2020
Turn a relay on and off using a push button. When using a pushbutton, you have use a library (don't reinvent the wheel) to control the push button signal. It's called a debounce, taking account in...
snippet - go-pg: Output generated SQL
7 Sep, 2020
go-pg is PostgreSQL client and ORM for Golang. To show generated queries we have to implement some hooks. There are multiple posts about this in issues, this is an exact working example of it.
snippet - Removes last item from array in Vue
23 Jul, 2020
Removing array element from vue property caused a tricky anomaly for me. I was trying different methods delete didn't work, splice worked but always removed the last item from array. Finally I...
snippet - Explode / split string in ES6
15 Jul, 2020
How to split string in ES6. I would suggest the method of using split function from lodash. In modern JavaScript frontend you use a lot of dependencies and lodash is used in almost every project....
snippet - Convert svg to dxf from Linux command line
11 Jun, 2020
Converting svg to dxf from terminal requires inkscape and pstoedit. I myself am using svgo to cleanup the svg file, haven't tested if it makes difference in some edge cases.
snippet - Validate Date in JavaScript
15 Apr, 2020
How to find out if a Date is indeed a valid Date. Simply instance check will not do it, the date might be "Invalid Date".
written tutorial - Setup Gin (golang) + React + Webpack
25 Mar, 2020
Simple blank "Hello, World!" setup combining Gin (golang) + React + Webpack. Create files with these codes, download dependencies and run.
snippet - Compare values of two tables in PostgreSQL
25 Mar, 2020
Compare values from columns of multiple tables. This query can be used to compare two tables in such manner in postgres.
snippet - Clone/Duplicate a Table in PostgreSQL
25 Mar, 2020
This snippet shows you how you can copy a whole table to another one. Useful if you are about to change data in a table and later need to compare it with EXCEPT.