snippet - PHP: Check string for a specific word
6 Aug, 2019
The fastest string parsing is using existing functions, in this case you can use the strpos() which is used to find the occurrence of one string inside another one. When you need a stripos() for a...
snippet - PHP Output Buffering
24 Jul, 2019
Output buffering catches all echo-s, print-s and other output to stdOut. Then you can call a function on script shutdown to output all of the content. You can buffer output and stop scripts from...
snippet - ERROR in Entry module not found: Error: Can't resolve './src' in '/var/www/your-project'
8 Jul, 2019
When you get this error from your webpack project "ERROR in Entry module not found: Error: Can't resolve './src' in '/var/www/your-project'", you have probably used application directory different...
snippet - Windows bootable USB using Linux
8 Jul, 2019
To create windows usb, you need to download windows iso from microsoft homepage Then format your min 8GB usb stick using FAT32 file system. Then...
written tutorial - CodeIgniter 3: Using mssql with PHP 7 on Linux
6 Jul, 2019
Connect to mssql server in CodeIgniter 3. This will probably apply on any php version, just I had v 7.3 at this point. The setup is really easy, I even used mssql on my linux machine locally.
snippet - Installing mssql on ArchLinux
6 Jul, 2019
Installing mssql server on Arch Linux is actually quite simple.
snippet - Enable composer in CodeIgniter 3
29 Jun, 2019
How to use Composer in your CodeIgniter 3 project.
snippet - Json output in CodeIgniter 3
24 Jun, 2019
Right way of JSON output in CodeIgniter 3.
snippet - Cast any video from command line
30 May, 2019
How to cast any video from command line to chromecast. Cast your audio/video to your Google Cast or Sonos Devices, the program to cast audio and video from your macOS, or Linux desktop to your Google...
snippet - Cancel git merge keeping your changes
16 May, 2019
You can stop merge keeping all current changes in the working directory using stash. Witch stops the on going merge automatically.