snippet - Install yay on ArchLinux
28 Oct, 2019
How to install yay on ArchLinux. I used to use yaourt, since it is no longer developed I switched to yay.
snippet - Trim Array Whitespace in PHP
23 Oct, 2019
This snippet shows you how to trim whitespaces from each array value in PHP. Expects all array values to be strings.
snippet - Append a file to FormData from file input in React ES6
8 Oct, 2019
You can use FormData to send form data using AJAX, including files. This is for you if you have to manually add files, you don't take them from a form, for some reason. This snippet is a react...
snippet - Get filename from file type input in React ES6
2 Oct, 2019
Get file name from file input and save it into state. You might need to use this when you hide your html file input and use button or some other element to trigger the click on the file input.
snippet - Get FormData using ref in React ES6
1 Oct, 2019
Get form data using ref attribute on form tag. This could be useful in some cases. The error that I was tackling before I found this solution: "Uncaught TypeError: Failed to construct 'FormData':...
snippet - Simple file field with React Semantic UI
24 Sep, 2019
How to create a simple file field with original Semantic UI for React.
snippet - Get current date in Power Query
20 Sep, 2019
Get today's date with your format in Power Query M formula language.
snippet - Encode, decode and output JSON in PHP
11 Sep, 2019
This snippet contains a small class that does most of the JSON operations that you might ever need. Static functions for encoding, decoding and outputting json from PHP. Ensure that you get the right...
snippet - React, Semantic UI and
27 Aug, 2019
Working example of Semantic UI variation of "" on ES6 variation of React.
snippet - PHP: Check string for a specific word
6 Aug, 2019
The fastest string parsing is using existing functions, in this case you can use the strpos() which is used to find the occurrence of one string inside another one. When you need a stripos() for a...