Python in the web

Programming for the Web has become a hot topic since the rise of “Web 2.0”, which focuses on user-generated content on web sites. It has always been possible to use Python for creating web sites, but it was a rather tedious task. Therefore, many frameworks and helper tools have been created to assist developers in creating faster and more robust sites.

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Subtract time in Python

3 Apr, 2019
Examples of time subtraction in Python. Using the best date-time library called Pendulum. You can use add or subtract to alter time.
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HMAC SHA1 in Python 2

11 Mar, 2019
HMAC (a keyed-hash message authentication code) is used to verify API request. HMAC is constructed by concatenating form parameter key and value pairs into a string ordered by alphabetic order of the...
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Python 2: Save directory to Amazon S3 using boto

27 Feb, 2017
You can save files to Amazon with Python using library called boto. Boto is a Python interface to Amazon Web Services and we need just a tiny part of it. If you have very large files you have to...
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SQLAlchemy custom column names for queries

20 Feb, 2017
To get custom columns from a query you can use the with_entities() method to restrict which columns you'd like to return in the result. Use label() method to give AS value to your query. To use...
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Python write to tmp directory

10 Feb, 2017
Snippet shows you how to write to temporary directory. You can either write a single file, or do stuff in a directory. In any case you should remove the files and folders after you have done your...
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Python: Get timestamp in seconds

27 Jan, 2017
Get timestamp in seconds as integer in Python using the time library.
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Python: convert po to mo

19 May, 2016
This snippet shows you how to convert po files to mo files. Po is the raw plain-text translation file with key value storage format. Mo files are compiled po files, binary format allows you to read...
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Python: Read and decode json file

11 May, 2016
Read and decode json file in Python. You can use the same method for regular json strings.
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Python: Pretty Print Array

11 May, 2016
Pretty print array, meaning that you print array, dictionary, object or any non string format in human-friendly way. This is great for terminal / command line. When you are looking for something for...
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Python define an array

4 May, 2016
This short snippet shows how to define an array in Python.
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Python: Get Current Time with Timezone

3 Feb, 2016
Get current time with timezone in Python. This can be achieved using a library named arrow. It's a datetime library for correct and easy calculations using only one library.
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Python generate HMAC-SHA-256 from string

2 Feb, 2016
Generating HMAC (Hash-based Message Authentication Code) involves the use of a "private" key, which is a secret key known only to the sender and the receiver. This key is used to create a digital...
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SQLAlchemy: Add Column Collation to Column Creation

1 Feb, 2016
Add column collation to column creation in SQLAlchemy. Optional, a column-level collation for use in DDL and CAST expressions. Renders using the COLLATE keyword supported by SQLite, MySQL, and...
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SQLAlchemy: Create Table Column using Decimal and Tinyint

29 Jan, 2016
Using SQLAlchemy to create table columns. To use numeric data types you have to use mysql dialects.
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Check if Python module is installed on your system

7 Nov, 2015
Check if a python module is installed or not on the system. The simplest way to do it is in terminal.