Interactive JavaScript charts for your web pages.

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Highcharts: full width lines

19 Apr, 2017
Highcharts has paddings and spacings that will make the area charts line appear inside of the chart element. To get full width line you need to disable some spacings and lines. You have to disable...
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Highcharts: Hide highcharts.com link from footer

23 Mar, 2017
Highcharts comes with a credits link by default. This snippet shows how to hide the link using the configurations.
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Highcharts: display no data message on top of the grid

22 Mar, 2017
No data is actually a module that needs to be loaded separately from the highcharts library. For some reason highcharts no data message is displayed below the grid. There is an easy fix of enabling...
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Highcharts: Create a vertical line on highlighted value

21 Mar, 2017
You can create a vertical line on highlighted value in Highcharts. This might give a better visual when you have multiple lines. You could also use "shared: true" option in your tooltip to display...