HTML, which stands for HyperText Markup Language, is the predominant markup language for web pages. HTML is the basic building-blocks of webpages.

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Overwrite button text for Screen Readers

16 Feb, 2024
If you use the aria-label attribute to provide alternative text for a button, screen readers will prioritize reading out the content of the aria-label attribute over the visible text on the button.
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Accessibility: When to Use role="button"

4 Sep, 2023
In HTML, you should use the role="button" attribute when you want to indicate that an element on your web page acts like a button if it's not a traditional HTML element. This is particularly...
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"L SEP" or "LSEP" character shows up in browser

11 Jan, 2020
This character appears mostly when you have copied code from somewhere. Some syntax highlighters are poorly made and when you copy code you get bad utf-8 symbols along with it. It doesn't show on...
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Draw Rectangle in HTML5 Canvas Tag

23 Sep, 2012
Drawing a rectangle in canvas tag with rectangle functions.
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HTML Symbol Codes Table

30 Nov, 2010
HTML symbol codes are used to replace symbols so they would fit in ASCII codes. Also to remove certain symbols so content wouldn't interfere with HTML.
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HTML Upload Form

12 Nov, 2010
Upload form allows users to upload files through their browsers.
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Writing Text in Canvas Tag

20 Oct, 2010
How to put, render, write or draw text in canvas tag using drawText function in JavaScript.
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Draw Circle in HTML5 Canvas Tag

19 Oct, 2010
Drawing a circle in canvas tag with arc function is actually really simple, but you have to have a browser that supports HTML5.
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What’s New in HTML5?

19 Oct, 2010
HTML5 introduces a number of new elements and attributes that reflect typical usage on modern websites. The new standard incorporates features like video playback and drag-and-drop that have been...
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HTML Lists Examples

8 Aug, 2010
This tutorial shows different kinds of HTML lists. There are lists with bullets, numbers, etc...
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HTML Contact Form

25 Jul, 2010
How to make HTML contact form. First part of pop-up AJAX form submission that also works with no JavaScript.