Linux refers to the family of Unix-like computer operating systems using the Linux kernel. Linux can be installed on a wide variety of computer hardware, ranging from mobile phones, tablet computers, routers and video game consoles, to desktop computers, mainframes and supercomputers. Linux is a leading server operating system, and runs the 10 fastest supercomputers in the world.

snippet - ArchLinux: windows boot partition
11 Aug, 2021
Add windows boot partition to grub. By default grub doesn't detect other operating systems. You need to get os-prober, it is an optional dependency of grub. Also by default it is disabled, so you...
snippet - ERROR: Remote key not fetched correctly from keyserver
8 Feb, 2021
If the error occurs due to keyserver being unable, you can fix it by adding these. When pgp keyservers are missing there are many different errors that might occur. In ArchLinux some of those are...
snippet - Convert svg to dxf from Linux command line
11 Jun, 2020
Converting svg to dxf from terminal requires inkscape and pstoedit. I myself am using svgo to cleanup the svg file, haven't tested if it makes difference in some edge cases.
snippet - ArchLinux: downgrade packages
25 Nov, 2019
How to downgrade packages in ArchLinux. There is a nice package that automates this process for you. For me I ran into an issue with postgresql version update that broke the service. So I downloaded...
snippet - Install yay on ArchLinux
28 Oct, 2019
How to install yay on ArchLinux. I used to use yaourt, since it is no longer developed I switched to yay.
snippet - Cast any video from command line
30 May, 2019
How to cast any video from command line to chromecast. Cast your audio/video to your Google Cast or Sonos Devices, the program to cast audio and video from your macOS, or Linux desktop to your Google...
written tutorial - Send email with mail() using smtp in PHP
2 Mar, 2019
When you set up Apache in vpn you also might want to send emails with PHP. You can use msmtp to send emails from the system using smtp. Eliminating the need to use some php library for smtp.
snippet - Masterpdf 4 for Arch Linux
18 Oct, 2018
Use this content to replace PKGBUILD. Also you can freeze masterpdfeditor after installing this older version. This package can be found from the AUR git as well.
snippet - Arch Linux: Use Autocomplete in Command Line
31 Aug, 2018
In default you can use extremely limited autocomplete in bash command line. For an example you can't use autocomplete after you type "sudo". When installing this package all the extra autocompletes...
snippet - ffmpeg2.8: installing x265 (2.8-1) breaks dependency ''
2 Jun, 2018
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies) ffmpeg2.8: installing x265 (2.8-1) breaks dependency ''
snippet - Remove Docker containers, for already exists error
26 Mar, 2018
Easy fix for an error "ERROR: for [CONTAINER_NAME] Cannot start service mailhog: container "[CONTAINER_ID]": already exists.". This is the quick fix, the to problem. To find out what went wrong with...
written tutorial - ArchLinux: Install older package from AUR
21 Sep, 2017
It is actually really simple. If you downgrade packages in ArchLinux you can use "downgrader" for official repositories, but for AUR packages you need to do it manually. The problem I had is that I...
written tutorial - Serve static gzip with webpack and nginx
1 Jun, 2017
Tutorial for serving static gzip with webpack module bundler and nginx server. When you would use nginx directly to compress the output, it would do it on the run and with some load increase the cpu...
snippet - Arch Linux:
24 Apr, 2017
When you install/update linux kernel you can see these missing firmware warnings. These drivers are not necessary to run your system, at some point they where excluded from kernel. If these errors...
written tutorial - Missing resolution in Linux Nvidia control panel
4 Apr, 2017
The solution for me was to use Noveau drivers instead of Nvidia proprietary drivers. I have a LG 25UM57-P monitor that has 2560x1080 21:9 resolution. It worked perfectly on Dell Latitude, but on Dell...
snippet - grive: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
16 Jan, 2017
Grive is built when you download it in ArchLinux. When boost package has had new versions. You need to rebuild Grive, so an easy re-download is required.
snippet - Ansible add multiple lines to configuration file
27 Oct, 2016
Ansible add multiple lines to configuration file. Add multiple lines in your configuration file. The line will be replaced with the old one. You can set after what will the line be inserted. Use...
snippet - ArchLinux upgrade error: qt5-base and qtchooser are in conflict
6 Oct, 2016
Trying to install latest updates got an error. "qt5-base and qtchooser are in conflict" due to the error it was not possible to upgrade the system. The package moved to the base package, so they came...
snippet - Ansible: Install package using yaourt
4 Jul, 2016
Simplest way to install package using yaourt is to use it in command. This simplistic method works only when it's ok to expect builder to have yaourt already installed. Just run the installation...
snippet - Bash: Pretty print xml
16 May, 2016
Pretty print xml file in bash. The simplest way is to use xmllint, since most of your environments use xml linter and that script is already installed on your system.
snippet - jar: command not found | Arch Linux
17 Mar, 2016
I got an error "jar: command not found" while trying to install basex. To build using jar command you need the java development kit and have its bin folder added to executables path, so the build...
written tutorial - SOAP request from command line using curl
3 Jan, 2016
This article shows how to send a SOAP request from command line. For an example you can test envelopes using curl command on UNIX systems.
snippet - Wine error: Loading library OpenAL32.dll
19 Dec, 2015
When you get error "err:module:import_dll Loading library OpenAL32.dll" from wine, that means you don't have openal package installed in linux. Another variation of this error is: failed to load .so...
snippet - Compress images losslessly in bulk
7 Sep, 2015
Compress images in a directory losslessly. This runs from command live, but you still need x server, because it requires QT. That means, you are not able to run this on a headless machine(command...
snippet - Paste from clipboard to file in terminal
31 Jul, 2015
How to paste directly from clipboard to file in terminal. Using some text editor will be really slow, if the text is very long single line. Using command line is almost instant.
snippet - err:module:import_dll Library mfc110.dll not found
10 Mar, 2015
Got this error while installing Entropia Universe: "err:module:import_dll Library mfc110.dll (which is needed by L"\\EntropiaUniverse\\bin32\\ClientLoader.exe") not found". You have to install...
snippet - ArchLinux - filesystem: /srv/http exists in filesystem
27 Feb, 2015
I had an error when upgrading "error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)", "filesystem: /srv/http exists in filesystem". It came in relation with core/filesystem 2014.10-3 to 2015.02-1...
snippet - ERROR: Pacman lock file was found or endlessly is running message.
9 Feb, 2015
I was able to lock Pacman up so I was not able to do anything that involved it. There were to different errors that appeared "ERROR: Pacman lock file was found. Cannot run while pacman is running."...
snippet - ERROR: One or more PGP signatures could not be verified!
5 Jan, 2015
Solution for this error is to update trust database. package- ... ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check! FAILED (unknown public key 1234567890). ERROR: One or...
snippet - package-query: error while loading shared libraries:
2 Jan, 2015
When your Arch Linux AUR package manager yaourt gives this error: "package-query: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory". Or...
written tutorial - Arch Linux: Move root partition from HDD to SSD
4 Dec, 2014
I got my first SSD, Samsung 850 PRO to be more precise. First thing that got on my mind was that I would not like to do a format. So I decided to go with migrating my root partition. Other partitions...
written tutorial - vim / vi Syntax Highlighting
18 Nov, 2014
You can easily test or enable syntax highlighting, vim supports a huge list of programming languages. Well worth the minutes it takes to activate, it also works in putty.
snippet - Extract password protected rar file in Linux command line
29 Oct, 2014
Extract password protected rar file. Using Linux terminal, console, command line, shell or wherever you want to call it.
written tutorial - Arch Linux Gnome
8 Aug, 2014
This tutorials shows you how to install Gnome after installing plain Arch Linux.
written tutorial - Arch Linux KDE
1 Aug, 2014
This tutorials shows you how to install KDE after installing plain Arch Linux.
snippet - Compress PDF with Ghostscript
22 Jul, 2014
Compress or optimize PDF size the most optimal way. Most of the PDF size comes from images. Images that might be 2-3 MB in size, but is viewed only as thumbnail. So this reduces the image for optimal...
snippet - How to get Gnome Menu editor GUI in Arch Linux
22 Jun, 2014
To enable menu editor in gnome you need to get corresponding package. It comes from extra repository so you don't need to use yaourt for the menu editor, but it is recommended to install, you can get...
written tutorial - Step by step installation of Arch Linux
4 Jun, 2014
This step by step guide shows how to install Arch Linux from USB flash drive or cd. In my opinion the beginner tutorial from Arch wiki is too complicated for beginners. This is made simple and very...
snippet - Give permissions recursively to files and directories
5 Mar, 2014
Give permissions recursively to files or directories in Linux terminal. Often I find that people give wrong permissions for files and directories in their web projects. It is unsafe to give all files...
snippet - Install Wine 1.6.2 - Debian Weezy
22 Feb, 2014
Debian Weezy comes with wine 1.4.1, which is really old. If you want wine 1.6.2 you need all kinds of newer packages. We also don't want to compile wine ourselves. So the solution it to add testing...
snippet - Display a line from file using Linux command line
11 Feb, 2014
This snippet shows you how to display a line from a text file by line number.
written tutorial - Benchmarking in Linux terminal
21 Jan, 2014
This tutorials shows how to benchmark your hardware in Linux. Also how to get your hardware information, etc.
snippet - Count files, directories (folders) in Linux terminal
17 Jan, 2014
This snippet shows you how to count files, folders of both in Linux terminal. This is achieved by find and wc commands. Find finds files and folders recursively and wc counts bytes, characters or...
snippet - Unmount directory which is mounted by sshfs
17 Dec, 2013
How to unmount directory which is mounted by sshfs. Sometimes your connection stop or something else happens and your sshfs mount stops working. You can use umount to unmount the mount.
written tutorial - Install Sublime Text 2 on Debian 7 (wheezy)
12 Dec, 2013
This tutorial shows you how to install Sublime on Debian. With small tweaking you can use this to install it on any Debian based operating system.
snippet - Wireshark: No Interfaces found on Linux
28 Oct, 2013
If you install it from software center then Wireshark doesn't find any interfaces by default. Wireshark has to have sufficient rights to use a network card to capture data. This will work on any...
written tutorial - Bad permissions: ignore key: /home/USERNAME/.ssh/id_rsa
22 Oct, 2013
Solution to this problem: Bad permissions: ignore key: /home/USERNAME/.ssh/id_rsa.
snippet - Split file by lines in Linux
11 Apr, 2013
This snippet shows how you can split file by lines in Linux terminal. In this example the file will be splitted by 10 000 lines. If the file is 12500 lines long then you get two files: xaa with 10...
snippet - Copy whole folder with contents in Linux
15 Feb, 2013
How to make copy absolutely all of the files and directories in a directory.
written tutorial - Install additional drivers in Ubuntu 12.10
7 Nov, 2012
The Additional Drivers tool has been moved to Software Sources in Ubuntu 12.10.
snippet - Search for a Folder via the Terminal
23 Aug, 2012
Search for folder in Linux using Terminal.
snippet - Remove carriage return in Unix
15 Apr, 2012
How to remove all the carriage returns /r from a file in Unix?
snippet - Using wget in quiet mode.
15 Apr, 2012
You can use wget to download different web content. Sometimes in your bash scripts you need to do it in silent mode, so that there won't be printed any download information.
written tutorial - Installing Aptana 3 on Ubuntu
17 Jan, 2012
Installing Aptana 3 on Ubuntu. Basically you have to extract it and then create necessary shortcuts etc...
snippet - diff into a file
13 Jun, 2011
How to do diff command into a file. Diff command compares differences of files. Later you can use patch command to apply the changes to other files.
snippet - Search for Text in Files Using grep in Linux
28 Apr, 2011
This snippet shows how to search a text form files. We use grep command for it and display directories of files when results form files are found.
written tutorial - Install Ubuntu or Any Linux From USB
18 Oct, 2010
This tutorial shows how you can put Ubuntu or any Linux distribution on your USB stick, so you could boot it and install it.
written tutorial - Convert flv to mp3
7 Aug, 2010
Tutorial about converting flv to mp3 format in Linux or Windows, using ffmpeg.
written tutorial - Processes in terminal
17 Jun, 2010
This tutorial is about handling processes in terminal. We go through stopping, pausing, resuming and stopping/killing.