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Linux refers to the family of Unix-like computer operating systems using the Linux kernel. Linux can be installed on a wide variety of computer hardware, ranging from mobile phones, tablet computers, routers and video game consoles, to desktop computers, mainframes and supercomputers. Linux is a leading server operating system, and runs the 10 fastest supercomputers in the world.
snippet - ffmpeg2.8: installing x265 (2.8-1) breaks dependency ''
2 Jun, 2018
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies) ffmpeg2.8: installing x265 (2.8-1) breaks dependency ''
snippet - Remove Docker containers, for already exists error
26 Mar, 2018
Easy fix for an error "ERROR: for [CONTAINER_NAME] Cannot start service mailhog: container "[CONTAINER_ID]": already exists.". This is the quick fix, the to problem. To find out what went wrong with...
written tutorial - ArchLinux: Install older package from AUR
21 Sep, 2017
It is actually really simple. If you downgrade packages in ArchLinux you can use "downgrader" for official repositories, but for AUR packages you need to do it manually. The problem I had is that I...
snippet - Arch Linux:
1 Jun, 2017
Got an error while trying to update the system "mtop: installing libmariadbclient (10.1.24-1) breaks dependency 'libmysqlclient'". The package 'libmariadbclient' dropped its provide for '...
snippet - Arch Linux:
24 Apr, 2017
When you install/update linux kernel you can see these missing firmware warnings. These drivers are not necessary to run your system, at some point they where excluded from kernel. If these errors...
written tutorial - Missing 2560x1080 in Linux Nvidia control panel
4 Apr, 2017
I have a LG 25UM57-P monitor that has 2560x1080 21:9 resolution. It worked perfectly on Dell Latitude, but on Dell Precision the option was just gone. I have tried multiple solutions, tried to...
snippet - grive: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
16 Jan, 2017
Grive is built when you download it in ArchLinux. When boost package has had new versions. You need to rebuild Grive, so an easy re-download is required.
snippet - Ansible add multiple lines to configuration file
27 Oct, 2016
Ansible add multiple lines to configuration file. Add multiple lines in your configuration file. The line will be replaced with the old one. You can set after what will the line be inserted. Use...
snippet - ArchLinux upgrade error: qt5-base and qtchooser are in conflict
6 Oct, 2016
Trying to install latest updates got an error. "qt5-base and qtchooser are in conflict" due to the error it was not possible to upgrade the system. The package moved to the base package, so they came...
snippet - Ansible: Install package using yaourt
4 Jul, 2016
Simplest way to install package using yaourt is to use it in command. This simplistic method works only when it's ok to expect builder to have yaourt already installed. Just run the installation...