React Native

React Native is a framework developed by Facebook that allows developers to build mobile applications using JavaScript and React. It enables cross-platform development, meaning developers can write code once and deploy it on both iOS and Android platforms. React Native uses a combination of native components and JavaScript to create a rich, native-like user experience while maintaining the efficiency and agility of web development. This approach enables faster development cycles, easier maintenance, and the ability to leverage existing web development skills, making it a popular choice for building mobile applications.

React Native: Run only when internet is connected

25 Apr, 2024
To run code in React Native only when a network connection is available, you can use the NetInfo module from the @react-native-community/netinfo package. This module allows you to subscribe to...

React Native Bullet List Component

24 Mar, 2024
In React Native, standard list components are not available by default. This code snippet showcases a custom bullet list component designed to fill this gap. With custom styles and a simple yet...

structuredClone in React Native

18 Mar, 2024
This snippet is about deep cloning objects in React Native. React Native does not have a direct equivalent to the structuredClone() method because it doesn't have the same browser environment and...

Generating UUIDs in React Native

13 Mar, 2024
You cannot use the regular uuid package directly in React Native due to its dependency on crypto.getRandomValues, which is not supported in the React Native environment. This code snippet introduces...

Add multiple styles to one element in React Native

11 Mar, 2024
In React Native, you can add multiple styles to one element by passing an array of styles to the style prop.

External Images in React Native with Expo

10 Mar, 2024
Expo's Image component simplifies the process of integrating images into React Native applications by supporting various image formats and sources. Whether sourcing images locally from the project...

Icon Button Grid: Achieving Equal Spacing in React Native

10 Mar, 2024
The snippet utilizes flex properties to organize React Native FABs (Floating Action Buttons) and empty views in a row, ensuring equal spacing between them. Additionally, the implementation of the...

React Native get SQLite table rows

17 Feb, 2024
To retrieve rows from a SQLite database in a React Native Expo project, you can use the expo-sqlite package along with JavaScript's asynchronous capabilities.