13 March 2024

You cannot use the regular uuid package directly in React Native due to its dependency on crypto.getRandomValues, which is not supported in the React Native environment. This code snippet introduces a solution for generating UUIDs (Universally Unique Identifiers) in React Native projects. React Native doesn't come with built-in support for UUID generation. But by using a 3rd party library you can use a comprehensive set of tools for managing UUIDs, ranging from validation to the generation of different UUID versions.

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  1. import uuid from 'react-native-uuid';
  3. const uuidv4 = uuid.v4();
  4. console.log(uuidv4);
  5. // Output: e.g., '110ec58a-a0f2-4ac4-8393-c866d813b8d1'
Programming Language: ECMAScript