17 June 2010

This tutorial is about handling processes in terminal. We go through stopping, pausing, resuming and stopping/killing.

In terminal you can run one process at a time, sometimes you don't want to close it to open another process. Sometimes you send process accidentally to background, because z, x and c are so close. Good example is updating, if you have loads of updates and you need all your internet resources for a second. That is the reason why I decided to pick updating for next steps.

Running a program:

Type in command of a program and run it, by pressing enter.

running a program

Pausing process:

While process is running press Ctrl-z and the process is paused.

Resuming process:

To resume last process, you can type fg. If you have to send many processes to background and you want to call one them then you can use fg 'number of your process'(For an example fg 1).

Killing process:

By pressing Ctrl-c or q in some cases, like if you run man for an example.