3 November 2016
sony not a valid e-mail address

Basically one evening when I turned on my PS4, it told me that I am signed out of PlayStation Network (PSN). I tried to login but nothing. Then I thought I forgot my password, tried to recover it and it told me "Not a valid e-mail address. Please try again!". I thought that the server was down or something. Went online and tried there, got same results. Then I checked the server status, which seemed to be all green. I waited for a day or two, tried again. Then googled the issue, people have experienced the same thing. Tried the live chat version, but was unable to log in. Created a new account just incase, still was not able to login, told me that my id was wrong. It asked detailed information about my account. I looked around to contact the support, after few days I was able to get real contact information address for EU https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/get-help/contact-us/. I e-mailed, "I have been unable to log in from PS4 and the website. It tells me the account does not exist. And e-mail recovery tells that the e-mail is non valid. I have all my saves and Plus time there. Really hope that I get my account back...". The support was completely useless, they thought I had network issues, got a big response about ports and stuff. Called bunch of times, but the lines were always hogged. Then I tought how do you speak with monkeys, in simple terms. Wrote another e-mail, "Is my account banned? Why is it deleted?". Then I got the right response, seemed that I was doing some suspicious activities and got banned. They lifted the ban, but a week of headache was given. No compensations were offered.