Shanghai vs USA gold prices

30 Sep, 2023
Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE): Visit the official website of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE). They provide real-time information on gold futures prices. Shanghai Gold (USD):

The Relationship Between Technology, Production Costs, and Inflation

1 May, 2023
It is important to bring attention to a topic that doesn't seem to be widely discussed. While there may have been some mention of it, it is still largely overlooked. The subject at hand concerns a...

Where does the word dollar come from?

1 Dec, 2021
"The coins would be named joachimsthaler after the town, becoming shortened in common usage to thaler or taler." Source: "A thaler is one of the large...

FED vs ECB inflation target

11 Jul, 2021
FED seeks to achieve inflation that averages 2 percent over time. Since inflation has been running persistently below 2 percent, appropriate monetary policy will likely aim to achieve inflation...

Energy/metals stocks are cheapest over 100 years

8 Jun, 2021
Valuation of energy/metals companies relative to the S&P 500 Is the cheapest it has been over 100 years. Resource: