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snippet - Arch Linux: Use Autocomplete in Command Line
31 Aug, 2018
In default you can use extremely limited autocomplete in bash command line. For an example you can't use autocomplete after you type "sudo". When installing this package all the extra autocompletes...
snippet - Bash: Pretty print xml
16 May, 2016
Pretty print xml file in bash. The simplest way is to use xmllint, since most of your environments use xml linter and that script is already installed on your system.
written tutorial - SOAP request from command line using curl
3 Jan, 2016
This article shows how to send a SOAP request from command line. For an example you can test envelopes using curl command on UNIX systems.
snippet - Compress images losslessly in bulk
7 Sep, 2015
Compress images in a directory losslessly. This runs from command live, but you still need x server, because it requires QT. That means, you are not able to run this on a headless machine(command...
snippet - Paste from clipboard to file in terminal
31 Jul, 2015
How to paste directly from clipboard to file in terminal. Using some text editor will be really slow, if the text is very long single line. Using command line is almost instant.
snippet - package-query: error while loading shared libraries:
2 Jan, 2015
When your Arch Linux AUR package manager yaourt gives this error: "package-query: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory". Or...
written tutorial - vim / vi Syntax Highlighting
18 Nov, 2014
You can easily test or enable syntax highlighting, vim supports a huge list of programming languages. Well worth the minutes it takes to activate, it also works in putty.
snippet - Extract password protected rar file in Linux command line
29 Oct, 2014
Extract password protected rar file. Using Linux terminal, console, command line, shell or wherever you want to call it.
snippet - Give permissions recursively to files or directories only in Linux
5 Mar, 2014
Give permissions recursively to files or directories only in Linux. Often I find that people give wrong permissions for files and directories. It is unsafe to give all files execution rights....
snippet - Display a line from file using Linux command line
11 Feb, 2014
This snippet shows you how to display a line from a text file by line number.
snippet - Count files, directories (folders) in Linux terminal
17 Jan, 2014
This snippet shows you how to count files, folders of both in Linux terminal. This is achieved by find and wc commands. Find finds files and folders recursively and wc counts bytes, characters or...
snippet - Unmount directory which is mounted by sshfs
17 Dec, 2013
How to unmount directory which is mounted by sshfs. Sometimes your connection stop or something else happens and your sshfs mount stops working. You can use umount to unmount the mount.
written tutorial - Bad permissions: ignore key: /home/USERNAME/.ssh/id_rsa
22 Oct, 2013
Solution to this problem: Bad permissions: ignore key: /home/USERNAME/.ssh/id_rsa.
snippet - Split file by lines in Linux
11 Apr, 2013
This snippet shows how you can split file by lines in Linux terminal. In this example the file will be splitted by 10 000 lines. If the file is 12500 lines long then you get two files: xaa with 10...
snippet - Copy whole folder with contents in Linux
15 Feb, 2013
How to make copy absolutely all of the files and directories in a directory.
snippet - Remove carriage return in Unix
15 Apr, 2012
How to remove all the carriage returns /r from a file in Unix?
snippet - Using wget in quiet mode.
15 Apr, 2012
You can use wget to download different web content. Sometimes in your bash scripts you need to do it in silent mode, so that there won't be printed any download information.
snippet - diff into a file
13 Jun, 2011
How to do diff command into a file. Diff command compares differences of files. Later you can use patch command to apply the changes to other files.
snippet - Search for Text in Files Using grep in Linux
28 Apr, 2011
This snippet shows how to search a text form files. We use grep command for it and display directories of files when results form files are found.
written tutorial - Convert flv to mp3
7 Aug, 2010
Tutorial about converting flv to mp3 format in Linux or Windows, using ffmpeg.
written tutorial - Processes in terminal
17 Jun, 2010
This tutorial is about handling processes in terminal. We go through stopping, pausing, resuming and stopping/killing.