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snippet - PHP: Instagram to RSS feed
2 Aug, 2017
Instagram gives out json feed. You can use this little php snippet to create rss feed from the given json. The script leverages paging, which enables you to control the items count in the output feed.
snippet - SimplePie Error: timed out after 10001 milliseconds
8 Feb, 2016
SimplePie is set to 10 seconds timeout in default. So if the feed has problem with speed then you can increase the time. The exact error that I got was "cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 10001...
snippet - Cache json from curl request in PHP
5 Jan, 2016
When you create a simple request without any special REST client, you can do it just by using curl. When you need to do curl request, it's not a good practise to do it on every page load. So the...
written tutorial - Read or parse feeds with PHP
7 Aug, 2013
This tutorial shows how to parse RSS feeds with PHP. From the libraries and methods that I have tested and used SimplePie is by far the best PHP RSS parser. It supports most common RSS modules out of...
snippet - Remove HTML elements using DOMDocument in PHP
19 Apr, 2013
This snippet shows how to remove HTML elements using DOMDocument in PHP. The problem is that you can't do it in the same loop.
written tutorial - Using DOMDocument to parse HTML in PHP
15 Apr, 2013
Sometimes you need to parse HTML with PHP. There are many different ways. It's hard to parse HTML, people write incorrect HTML very often. This code forces DOMDocument to read and later write HTML.