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PHP functions and classes that fill certain tasks.
snippet - PHP: http request function, alternative to curl or file_get_contents
12 Mar, 2018
Handles any HTTP request correctly. This is a flexible and powerful HTTP client implementation of GET, POST, PUT or any other HTTP requests. The reason I built this was due to use of url arguments...
snippet - Directo class
17 May, 2016
Class for fetching and sending data between API. This class includes pulling data from Directo and posting xml with php array to xml generation.
snippet - PHP - strip defined tags, strip_tags reverse
9 Aug, 2012
Strip tags in PHP strips all tags, except allowed tags. This function strips tags that you define. Also you can define if you want to strip content as well.
snippet - Strip tag with class, id or anything else in PHP
23 Jul, 2012
This function strips tags by any identifier without regexp, and without heavy XML parsing. As long as the tag looks exactly the same in source-code it works.