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A .htaccess (hypertext access) file is a directory-level configuration file supported by several web servers, that allows for decentralized management of web server configuration.
snippet - 401 Unauthorized Error with https redirection
22 May, 2017
Got an unauthorized error from htaccess passwords after https redirection implementation. This was an unexpected result, but I guess what happens is that you are redirected to access denied page...
snippet - WordPress: force https using .htaccess
19 May, 2017
Since Google says https gives websites a small ranking benefit and Let's Encrypt gives free certs, more and more sites have been converted. This is a more thurral snippet of https redirection. It has...
snippet - Create htpasswd file from command line in Linux
17 Feb, 2015
Create or generate .htpasswd file from command line in Linux. The file is used for password protected websites in Apache. The easiest way to create one is to generate it from terminal.
snippet - Compress site using gzip / mod_deflate
5 Aug, 2014
Compress site using mod_deflate to reduce bandwidth and loading time, also Google Speed suggests it. You can test your site via Add this to your .htaccess file,...
written tutorial - Protect site with password using htaccess
28 Apr, 2014
Protect site with password using htaccess. The htpasswd file is just a text file that includes usernames and password hashes. You can generate those by using online tools for generating htaccess...
snippet - How to redirect everything to index.php
8 Oct, 2011
How to redirect everything to certain page like index.php or root.