12 December 2023

To define a custom hook_watchdog in Drupal 7, you'll need to create a custom module. The hook_watchdog function allows you to log messages to the watchdog database table, which is useful for debugging and logging events in your Drupal site.

Implement the hook_watchdog function

Edit your "custom_watchdog.module" file and implement the hook_watchdog function. Here's a simple example:
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  1. /**
  2.  * Implements hook_watchdog().
  3.  */
  4. function custom_watchdog_watchdog($log_entry) {
  5. // Your custom logic goes here.
  6. // $log_entry is an associative array containing the log entry details.
  8. // Example: Log to the Drupal watchdog table.
  9. watchdog('custom_watchdog', $log_entry['message'], $log_entry['severity'], $log_entry['link']);
  10. }
Programming Language: PHP

Test your custom watchdog log

You can now use your custom watchdog log by calling watchdog in your module or wherever you need to log messages.
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  1. // Example usage in your custom module.
  2. watchdog('custom_watchdog', 'Custom log message', array(), WATCHDOG_NOTICE);
Programming Language: PHP