27 July 2011

I used theme hook called theme_css_alter. There is an array where are the css files. Foreach loop to go through them and unset ones that shouldn't be there. This one goes to your themes template.php file.

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  1. function theme_name_css_alter(&$css) { // don't forget to change theme_name
  2. // print_r($css); - to see the css files that are being loaded
  3. $array = array( // array of keys that need not to be shown
  4. 'misc/ui/jquery.ui.slider.css',
  5. 'misc/ui/jquery.ui.theme.css'
  6. );
  7. foreach($array as $file) if(isset($css[$file])) unset($css[$file]);
  8. }
Programming Language: PHP