19 July 2016
MDL radio button

Material Design includes beautification of radio buttons as well. These need javascript, if you use ajax to load you content, you need to call for dom update.

Source code viewer
  1. <label class="mdl-radio mdl-js-radio" for="ID_1">
  2. <input type="radio" id="ID_1" name="NAME" value="1" checked class="mdl-radio__button" />
  3. <span class="mdl-radio__label">LABEL_1</span>
  5. <label class="mdl-radio mdl-js-radio" for="ID_2">
  6. <input type="radio" id="ID_2" name="NAME" value="2" class="mdl-radio__button" />
  7. <span class="mdl-radio__label">LABEL_2</span>
Programming Language: HTML