2 January 2023

Certainly! Copying text to the clipboard in JavaScript can be accomplished using the Clipboard API. This API allows web developers to interact with the user's clipboard, allowing them to read from and write to it.

To copy text to the clipboard using the Clipboard API, you can call the navigator.clipboard.writeText() method and pass in the text that you want to copy as an argument. This method returns a promise that resolves when the text has been successfully copied to the clipboard, or rejects if there was an error.

When using the Clipboard API, it's important to note that the user must grant permission for your website to access their clipboard. This permission is granted when the user performs a clipboard-related action, such as pasting text into an input field.

Overall, copying text to the clipboard in JavaScript can be a useful feature for allowing users to easily copy content from your website or application to use elsewhere.

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  1. window.navigator.clipboard.writeText('This is the text to be copied');
Programming Language: Javascript