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written tutorial - Set Up Laravel, PHP 7.3, Nginx, and MySQL with Docker
11 May, 2019
Another way to setup Laravel expecting that you have git and composer installed on your machine. Presented in configuration file examples for fastest reading/setup.
snippet - Magento 2: Module is not listing
18 Oct, 2018
When you copy a custom module to app/code directory. Magento does not pick it up automatically. You need to run this.
snippet - Validate AJAX requests in Zend Framework
26 Aug, 2016
How to validate AJAX requests in Zend Framework. There is a function in request class, to use instead of comparing the $_SERVER['HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH'] directly. This can be beneficial for security...
snippet - Selecting from multiple tables using ActiveRecord in CodeIgniter
22 Sep, 2011
Selecting from multiple tables using ActiveRecord in CodeIgniter. Basics are the same as in query. You select multiple tables, relate tables and select the output fields.
written tutorial - Installing Yii Framework
17 Dec, 2010
How to install and set up Yii framework application to your hosting.
written tutorial - Converting CodeIgniter Query to JSON
24 Sep, 2010
This tutorial shows you how you can generate JSON from SQL data that comes from model. Converting query to JSON is really simple in PHP and even simpler in CodeIgniter.
written tutorial - CodeIgniter Login With Google Using OpenID
20 Sep, 2010
How to make login system for CodeIgniter using OpenID. This example uses Google Accounts for login.
written tutorial - CodeIgniter - Cache Any Code Into a File
19 Sep, 2010
This tutorial shows you how you can cache code in CodeIgniter, by saving string or plain text into a file.
written tutorial - Generate RSS 2.0 Feeds with CodeIgniter
22 Aug, 2010
In this tutorial we will make RSS 2.0 feeds from latest posts in your site.
written tutorial - CakePHP Routing - URL With Parameters Only
25 Jul, 2010
This tutorial shows how to do URL routing in CakePHP, if you need your URL to be without controller and view.
written tutorial - Dynamic Layout With Dynamic Menu in CakePHP
24 Jul, 2010
This tutorial shows how you can attach dynamic menu or any content to layout that you still want to call from controllers.
written tutorial - Installing CakePHP
22 Jul, 2010
This tutorial shows how to install CakePHP. After this tutorial you can start making web application.
written tutorial - AJAX Form Submission in CodeIgniter With jQuery
26 Jun, 2010
Some knowledge of CI and OOP could be handy. This tutorial shows how to submit Ajax forms in CodeIgniter using jQuery. With optional jQuery UI feedback bubbles.
written tutorial - Integrating WYSIWYG TinyMCE into CodeIgniter
16 Jun, 2010
This tutorial shows you how to set up WYSIWYG TinyMCE in CodeIgniter. Both versions standalone and jQuery. It's really easy, most time takes the sample code tweaking.