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snippet - Convert to Integer in JavaScript
8 Nov, 2018
There are multiple ways to convert values to integer in javascript. Using Math.trunc gives the most accurate results.
snippet - Delete object key and value in javascript
12 Oct, 2016
Deleting object value with key in javascript. For this you can use the delete operator. Permits you to remove a property from an object.
snippet - Get previous / next element using JavaScript
8 Mar, 2016
This snippet shows how to get element next to your element / selector. This a part of dom traversal. Using javascript for next element parsing can be used to create some powerful dynamic content. I...
snippet - Alter URL GET parameters using JavaScript
14 Aug, 2013
This function alters url get parameters using javascript. The function takes to consideration all aspects of url (parameter existis, hash, parameter doesn't exist). For an example if you need to be...
snippet - jQuery - Check if selector is disabled
7 Mar, 2013
You can use "is" to see if the form element is disabled.
snippet - Message before leaving the page - JavaScript / jQuery
8 Feb, 2013
How to display message before closing the page or moving to another page. Don't use this to annoy people. Sometimes this functionality is still useful, for an example if you have some sort of unsaved...
snippet - Get URL variables with JavaScript
21 Nov, 2012
This function gets URL variables in JavaScript. Current page url parameters will be parsed into array, that will be returned.
snippet - Round numbers in JavaScript
1 Oct, 2011
This snippet shows you how to round a number to a specified number of decimal places in JavaScript.
snippet - Print JavaScript object
21 Sep, 2011
This snippet shows how to print JavaScript object.
snippet - Redirection in JavaScript
16 Aug, 2011
There are many ways of doing redirect in JavaScript this should be the standard implementation for changing the current window's location.