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snippet - err:module:import_dll Library mfc110.dll not found
10 Mar, 2015
Got this error while installing Entropia Universe: "err:module:import_dll Library mfc110.dll (which is needed by L"\\EntropiaUniverse\\bin32\\ClientLoader.exe") not found". You have to install...
written tutorial - Arch Linux: Move root partition from HDD to SSD
4 Dec, 2014
I got my first SSD, Samsung 850 PRO to be more precise. First thing that got on my mind was that I would not like to do a format. So I decided to go with migrating my root partition. Other partitions...
snippet - How to get Gnome Menu editor GUI in Arch Linux
22 Jun, 2014
To enable menu editor in gnome you need to get corresponding package. It comes from extra repository so you don't need to use yaourt for the menu editor, but it is recommended to install, you can get...
written tutorial - Benchmarking in Linux terminal
21 Jan, 2014
This tutorials shows how to benchmark your hardware in Linux. Also how to get your hardware information, etc.
written tutorial - Install additional drivers in Ubuntu 12.10
7 Nov, 2012
The Additional Drivers tool has been moved to Software Sources in Ubuntu 12.10.