13 April 2016

Marketing online is not just about SEO tips that you might want to look into. It does not matter if it's a business, blog or any other online environment to get more traffic you have to consider some points. Every once in awhile I stumble on different kind of material about this, just because I work as a web-developer and the subject interests me. As any other content on the site, I just store information here for myself. So, usefulness is priority for me.

Keep in mind when creating a page

  • If you create a page, pick and keep in mind a couple of keywords throughout the page context.
  • You should also use synonyms of the keywords in text.
  • Use keywords in images alt attributes.
  • Make pages with unique content, short spam pages can make your site lose its value.
  • User is number one priority.


  • If you have videos make youtube channel.
  • Make a twitter page of your site, brand or company.
  • Make a LinkedIn page of your site, brand or company.
  • Use some service that posts your RSS feeds to your twitter page. For an example twitterfeed.com.
  • Make a Facebook page for your site, and post your RSS feeds there as well or the other way around(facebook posts to your site).
  • Take activity in social media. Write something interesting about your subject. Build a group of followers / readers.

Website / SEO

  • Keep navigation simple.
  • Reduce page loading time. Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Make sure every page has a single H1 tag with the page title.
  • Use meta title tag.
  • Use Google Analytics to monitor activity on your website, also do not forget Google web-masters tools.
  • Consider a sitemap for ease of access.
  • Claim your website at different search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing...
  • Submit xml sitemap to different web-masters tools.
  • Create RSS feeds, more than 20 items in single feed is suggested.
  • Best title pattern is "[page-title] | [site-name]". If you don't have a brand, you can also use "[term]: [page-tiutle]".
  • Consider blogging.
  • Use your sites search analytics to find missed content opportunities.
  • There are social media likes/traffic exchange websites like: Traffup


  • SEO isn't something you can do and then its done. SEO is constant effort. Don't expect any good results immediately.
  • Crawlers and indexing are getting better and better, do NOT use black hat strategies.