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3 April 2014


You have no answer though. You are dancing around the question, what was there before matter, what was there before that? Where did water come from? Where did the first life form come from, or do you believe that rocks somehow gave birth to organic life? You believe that it takes something to make up something else, so by your logic something had to of been there before to make that up. Even highly acclaimed scientist and atheist like Richard Dawkins admits that you guys do not know that answer yet, he actually claims that matter came from nothing.

See either you come from one of two camps.

Camp 1 You believe nothing turned into something, which goes against your own logic. This is a camp many scientist are part of such as Richard Dawkins.

Camp 2 The universe always was, always is, and always will be. Which is not acceptable by you guys because when we use that logic to tell you where God tells us he came from you tell us, that is foolish and idiotic.

So we ask you questions, to try and understand where you are coming from. What made up matter, what made up water, how did life start and so on? Where did it all come from? Instead of answering me you just tell me I am a stupid barbarian. Okay so please explain it to me, educate me. You can't so you turn into insults :(

The Bible tells us everything we need to know about what the beginning of the world in Genesis and it supports a lot of science claims. People believe science and the Bible must rule each other out, that they can't coexist. But in the beginning God made EVERYTHING and that includes science. You say we are made from star dust, well that is true, the Bible tells us that God shaped us from dirt. You say animals evolved, well in a sense the Bible claims this to, God called forth the animals of their kind, see kind doesn't mean ALL animals, it means God called forth 1 type of dog which went on to change, or evolve as you so wish to call it, into other dogs. The Bible does not support a frog evolving into a dog, and neither does science. There are missing links between species of animals and humans to tie us to bacteria billions of years ago.

See you have not brought forth anything the Bible doesn't also support. You refuse to look at the Bible as something that can coexist along side science, in your mind it is one or the other. But God created science, the Bible supports many claims of science, heck even the big bang is in the bible, it was when God spoke things into existence, there was nothing and then there was everything.

Instead of insulting people and taking such a hardcore stance they are wrong, why don't you engage them and actually try to teach them something or open your mind up to learn something new?

My response

Water came from atoms that formed water molecules. Also I don't think that we know what nothing is. Also Richard Dawkins, if I remember right he doesn't mean absolutely nothing by nothing. Scientists have different understanding of nothingness.

I am not a single one of two camps.

Camp 1: How can this go against my logic. I don't believe your causal law applies everywhere. Like in quantum physics.

Camp 2: Well god is a complex thing. If there were something always it had to be really simple. Foolish and idiotic would be that you think that what always existed is a mind.

My current logic tells me that absolutely nothing is really unstable state. So some simple thing maybe has been always existing like a small amount of space or something. It's hard to tell cause we have limited understanding of a very important part of it. Like gravity.

Smaller particles made up matter. Water is made of molecules. Which are made of atoms. Life started again from simple stuff like molecules and by external forces gradually something started to spark. So where did atoms came. Well that is a really really small scale of things. Physics laws change on that scale. It's called quantum physics, the most amazing thing about that is that it works. Also research some experiments etc. You will understand more. How something can come from nothing(not absolutely nothing, but the real nothingness that exists).

Bible tells you nothing. Genesis doesn't support science. God created plants before sun. What kind of ignorant thing is that. Plants need sun to live. Science doesn't require belief. You can test science. Science is not something you make. It's a word for explaining stuff by creating hypotheses, testing them until they become theories. Your god didn't know that there were germs causing disease. Created bacteria, didn't know they existed. Cosmic dust is not a dirt, we are not shaped by god or something. Planets formed through gravity. Don't give credit to bible if you can interpret it to what science tells us. Well dogs came from wolves, so you got that wrong. Well for a frog to evolve in something dog like it takes millions of years of generations. Billions of tiny mutations that stick, and exactly right living conditions in the right order for that to happen. No, if you research there are fossiles, genetic records. That tells us that something like evolution happened. If you would have 1% as strong evidence of your bible magic, you might actually get somewhere.

Again why to you take what science says and translate your bible nonsense to mean the same thing.

My mind is WIDE open for new knowledge. I watch research and experiments on daily bases. Scientists don't have explanation of everything and you think you can use it and insert god in there. That is a god of the gaps. Also you tend to create a lot of strawman. Like with evolution. Evolution is nothing but small changes in animals, like we have a brown dog, black dog, etc. Just if you lay out that over millions of years of generations. Those changes add up, like size, shape. And you can see that what was million of years ago can't breed with the current animal and that is species.

Anything else? If you want to be educated ask questions in a list form. I can answer those then.