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In computing, a regular expression provides a concise and flexible means for "matching" (specifying and recognizing) strings of text, such as particular characters, words, or patterns of characters. Abbreviations for "regular expression" include "regex" and "regexp".
written tutorial - Php pcre regex or operator tutorial
2 Nov, 2014
PCRE regular expression operator OR. In regular expressions "or" is known as "alternatives". Create a subgroup using parenthesis.
snippet - PHP - Replace using regex
29 Oct, 2014
Search and replace using regular expression in PHP using preg_replace function. It is very powerful way to search and replace. I suggest using some online regular expression tool to test out your...
snippet - Check if text contains cyrillic characters in PHP
5 Nov, 2013
Check if text contains cyrillic characters in PHP. This example shows you how to do exactly that.
snippet - Get words in string as array in PHP
16 Sep, 2013
How to split words in string to an array using regular expressions. You can use this for search indexing for an example.
snippet - Get img tag image url from html using regex in PHP
25 Jul, 2013
Snippet about getting img tag image url from html using regex in PHP. Example below.
snippet - Remove width and height form img tag using PHP
29 Nov, 2012
Remove width and height attributes from img tag using PHP. Really plain and simple replace width and height attributes with nothing.