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written tutorial - PHP: Memory management
22 Feb, 2015
If you are using larger files like bigger data files or images, memory might become an issue. Even if not, it's always good practice to use optimal amount of memory. Clearing memory is just a part of...
written tutorial - Install web server (Apache, PHP, MariaDB) on Linux Debian Wheezy
20 Nov, 2013
This tutorial shows how to prepare a Debian Wheezy web server. This is just a simple setup of basic web server. I myself did it to set up a development environment for myself.
snippet - Convert time to other time zone in PHP
7 May, 2013
Convert time and date from one time zone to another in PHP.
snippet - PHP range where key and value is same
2 Oct, 2012
Creating range array where key and the value is the same number. I am using array_combine function for that. I give two parameters which are the same array created by range.
snippet - PHP Date or Time Range
12 Jul, 2012
Iterate through date or time range using PHP.
snippet - Check if URL is external or internal in PHP
11 Oct, 2011
Check if URL is external or internal in PHP. We are going to use parse_url PHP native function. Function parse_url parses a URL and returns an associative array containing any of the various...
snippet - Get PHP script execution time
22 Aug, 2011
How to test execution time of any part of the code in PHP. Basically you have to start counting microseconds before you code execution and stop after. This snippet shows how to do the counting.
snippet - Get Years in PHP
3 May, 2011
How to get current, last and coming year in PHP. Simple examples of how you can get different years. Currently the years are calculated from the server time.
written tutorial - How to echo or print arrays in PHP
6 Dec, 2010
Examples of parsing array values on screen. Some examples for beginners.
written tutorial - PHP Global Variables
15 Jul, 2010
Tutorial about global variables in PHP. How to use global, superglobal in PHP.
written tutorial - Handling Timestamps in PHP
25 Jun, 2010
This tutorial is about using and converting timestamps in PHP, witch are common formats of storing some timeperiod in database.
written tutorial - Displaying random value from array in PHP
13 Jun, 2010
This beginners tutorial shows and explains how to get random value from array in PHP.